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Oro De Sol

Immediate direct access.
No fees.
+590 590 27 87 47
Phone number
Oro De Sol
Le Carré d'Or, Gustavia
97133 St Barthélémy

Oro de sol, known for being the shop for the lovers of refined jewelry and luxury watches. Where you can find a large selection of jewelry brands such as : SCAVIA - JACOB and CO. - CANTAMESSA - PIRANESI/GIOVANE - CRIVELLI ... And watches : PARMIGIANI - JACOB and CO. - TIRET - EBEL - VAN DER BAUWEDE ...

And, in addition, the customer will be able to make lots of savings, as st. Barths is a tax free island.

Opening date

Open all year except september

Opening hours

From Monday to Friday

  • From 9.30am to 13.00pm and 3.00pm to 7.15pm


  • From 9.30am to 13.00pm and 3.30pm to 7.15pm

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