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Fabienne Miot

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Fabienne Miot
12 Rue de la République, Gustavia
97133 St Barthélémy

In Saint Barth, Fabienne is quite well known. She is an artist, a jeweler, and renowned designer. Daughter and granddaughter of watchmakers, she was not immediately bitten by the jewelry bug, but turned to it as a teenager. Self-trained, she began to design original pieces in her small atelier, until she opened her first boutique in Gustavia. Today, she pays homage to beauty with her unique and timeless creations.


Fabienne Miot is not influenced by fashion or the latest trends; she follows her instincts and feelings. She is inspired by nature, as well as by a skin tone, an attitude, or a face. For Fabienne, a jewel is the continuation of the person it adorns. It should be comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at.


To create her pieces, she sculpts gold with a torch and works with precious stones (including rare ammonite fossils) and pearls. Fabienne Miot dares to embrace asymmetry and contrasts. Her pieces touch the soul and speak to the heart. In every creation, one can sense her passion for jewelry making, and her imagination continually takes flight through light, color, or a new material.


Her piece de resistance: the “coquille,” a pendant in the shape of an oyster comprising a pearl and gemstones. Her unique pieces are perfect for elegant, independent women, who are ready to be carried away by the emotional response to the designs of Fabienne Miot.


Working with her talented staff, she pays tribute to her heritage, and her designs have seduced an international clientele for several decades.


Credit photos : © Mickaël Gramm

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Price, choice, originality, a dynamic professional staff at your service


Located in the heart of downtown Gustavia.


  • Monday-Friday: 9:30am-7:30pm.
  • Saturday: 9:30am-12:30pm / 3pm-7:30pm.

Closed Sunday

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Bonjour j'ai pu apprécier l'originalité de votre travail carj'étais à Saint Barth la semaine dernière et que mon compagnon Martial enguehard a reçu un petit braceelet "taste of St Barth"en cadeau de départ. Ce qui m'a permis de consulter le petit livret qui l'accompagnait. j'aimerais acquérir un petit bracelet modèle ile sur nacre blanche. pourriez vous me communiquer le prix car Reine May a prévu d'être à Paris en décembre et pourrait donc me le rapporter. Merci par avance. sylvie TRETOIS


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