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Ligne St Barth

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Ligne St Barth
Route de Saline
97133 St Barthélémy

For thirty years, Ligne St Barth has been creating products that unite outstanding results with unbeatable quality. This family business epitomizes the pure spirit of St Barth and finds its inspiration in Mother Nature. The secret of Ligne St Barth formulas lies in the use of natural ingredients with Caribbean floral overtones to create sensual harmony and excellence. Our products embody a sophisticated union that not only promises a universe dedicated to well-being and beauty, but also an exceptional intensity.


All Ligne St Barth products are lovingly developed on island - creating not only a unique Saint Barthélémy product for export, but also a guarantee of something exceptional.

Today, each product range tells the tale of its heritage and delivers a message in its own fraction of eternity. The perfumed notes evoke those of a cosmetic score where unpretentious luxury is expressed freely and seductive appeal elegantly unwinds.


Guided by its unique lifestyle Ligne St Barth conveys values of authenticity and its broad range takes you on a sensual journey to a place where, as the poet Charles Baudelaire once said, "all is order and beauty only, splendor, peace, and pleasure..."


Ligne St Barth is also ST BARTH SPA by Ligne St Barth beauty treatment services at your Villa, Hotel or in the Institut (for further information, please contact VENUS BEAUTY SPA

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Key points

Naturels cosmetics since 1983


  • Gustavia : rue du Général de Gaulle
  • Lorient (siège social, laboratoire et manufacture) Route de Saline, Lorient


High season


  • Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 7.30pm
  • Saturday: 9.30am to 1pm and 3.30pm to 7.30pm


  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 6.30pm
  • Saturday: 9.30am to 12.30pm and 3pm to 6.30pm

Low season


  • Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 12.30pm and 3.30pm to 7pm
  • Saturday: 10am to 12.30pm


  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 12.30pm and 3pm to 6pm
  • Saturday: 9.30am to noon

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Customer reviews and opinions (3)

Le Roucou, le meilleur produit solaire naturel ! L'ensemble de la gamme est formidable et les prix attractifs. Des soins naturels de haute qualite.


SUPER. Où les acheter en FRANCE?




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