Swimwear in St Barts

Swimwear in St Barts - Iléna St Barts Iléna St-Jean

Iléna, the ultra feminine boutique located at Villa Créole welcomes you into its refined and elegant universe. Here you will find the very bestcollections of bathing suits and ready-to-wear...

Swimwear in St Barts - C & J Fashion St Barts C & J Fashion St-Jean

C & J is a concept fashion showroom & boutique located in St Jean on the island St Barthélemy. Our selection comprises a mix of chic and glamorous women’s clothing (Allude, Axenoff, Gig, Gothenburg...

Swimwear in St Barts - Marina St-Barth St Barts Marina St-Barth Gustavia

This very trendy boutique for women’s ready-to-wear carries some of the hippest brands from around the world such as Diesel, Eleven Paris, Brigitte Bardot, Pepe jeans, Lotus London, Tashia London...

Swimwear in St Barts - Le Pasha de St Barth St Barts Le Pasha de St Barth Grand Cul de Sac

Pasha is a concept store featuring beachwear and loungewear, as well as under garments and socks for men, and tunics for women. Accessories in stock for men and women (watches, bags, caps, bracelets…),...

Swimwear in St Barts - Eres St Barts Eres Gustavia

Eres body architecture. Trendsetting and daring, the brand has been a force in the swimwear world for 40 years thanks to its iconic style and know-how. The ERES lingerie collections, synonymous with...

Swimwear in St Barts - Pain De Sucre St Barts Pain De Sucre St-Jean

Sail into Pain de Sucre’s coastal world, and plunge into a realm of unique colors and prints, fabrics to delight the senses… Share a unique, intimate moment, and let luxury and the highest...

Swimwear in St Barts - Pipiri boutique MC2 St Barts Pipiri boutique MC2 Gustavia

Over the past four years, PIPIRI boutique has served as a flagship store for the Italian brand, MC2 St Barth, exclusively carrying their concept beachwear for men, women, and children. The...

Swimwear in St Barts - Vilebrequin St Barts Vilebrequin Gustavia

For over forty years, Vilebrequin has been cultivating elegance and fantasy, faithful to the relaxed charm of its St Tropez origins. Durable and timeless, Vilebrequin swimwear goes through...

Swimwear in St Barts - Sunbarth St Barts Sunbarth Gustavia

Rue du bord de mer, Gustavia

97133 St Barthélémy

Tél : + (59) 0590 87 77 21

Swimwear in St Barts - Kiwi St Barts Kiwi St-Jean

La Villa Créole, St Jean

97133 St Barthélémy

Tél : + (59) 0590 27 57 08

Swimwear in St Barts - Banana Moon St Barts Banana Moon Gustavia

Villa Créole, St Jean

97133 St Barthélémy

Tél : + (59) 0590 51 36 85

Swimwear in St Barts - Quiksilver St Barts Quiksilver Gustavia


97133 St Barthélémy

Tél : + (59) 0590 29 69 40

swimwear in St Barts

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