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Yellow Submarine

Underwater Vision
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Yellow Submarine
97133 St Barthélémy

The incredible world found under the sea appears right before your eyes through the glass bottom of the Yellow Submarine. Aboard, you will see things you never even imagined: the colorful underwater fauna and flora of St Barth. Multi-colored fish put on a great show for you, whether they are hiding around the rocks or zipping around shipwrecks, their spectacle fills you with childlike glee. You will feel like the king of the waves, and with a little luck, sea turtles will serve as your bodyguards as you head back to the port.




  • Adults 40€, childrens 25€ (free -2 years)

Private excursions:


  • Attractive degressive pricing!
  • The perfect activity with family or friends

*For additional information please check our price list


Key points

Underwater vision, one-hour excursion, 22 seats, air-conditioning, private tours, family trips with a light meal.


Near the ferry terminal and fish market across from Quiksilver in Gustavia.


  • Open 9am to 5pm


  • October 15-late April

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