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Spa Oasis

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Spa Oasis
Centre Oasis - 1er étage, derrière la clinique vétérinaire, Lorient
97133 St Barthélémy

In a contemporary and peaceful St Barts spa environment, we provide a pampering experience for your face and body, accompanied by personal advice: how to prepare your skin for exposure to the sun, hydrating and strengthening the skin, exfoliation, beauty masks, slimming and reshaping treatments, LPG cellulite reduction, relaxing massages, epilation, manicures, pedicures…

Our estheticians respond to your every request and work with you with eliminate imperfections, find new equilibrium, protection and give your skin a new glow.

Key points

Personalized beauty treatments, with products for men and women that provide a perfect sense of wellbeing for the body and relaxation for the soul.


Located in the commercial center L'Oasis in Lorient.

Opening hours

Open Monday to Saturday, from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

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