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Cocktail St Barth NY

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Cocktail St Barth NY
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My name is Gregory Brock. For the past several years, I have been working as a private chef and caterer, adapting my favorite recipes to meet my clients’ dietary restrictions and culinary cravings. I try to combine creative influences from my travels in France, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Switzerland, and the Caribbean, with fresh ingredients from the market to serve up dishes that are healthy.

Customized Private Chef Services

Meals prepared in your home. Service includes initial client consultation, a customized menu plan, grocery shopping, meal preparation, food packaging, and kitchen cleanup.

Dietary Restrictions

Each menu will be customized according to your tastes and dietary restrictions. I have worked with clients battling illnesses, and those who require very strict constraints such as low acid, low sodium, dairy-free, gluten-free, and Vegan. The ingredients can be exclusively organic if specified.

Catered Dinner Parties and Special Events

It be a family occasion, a romantic meal, a reception, buffet, or catering on a private yacht, CSBNY puts great enthusiasm, refinement, and creativity into making your event a success and providing your with a memorable and bespoke experience.

Private Yacht Chef

CSBNY can join your crew and look after your guests throughout your voyage. We can take care of everything you may want to eat or drink on-board, and design a menu to suit your tastes and requirements.

Key Points

Fresh, contemporary cuisine that can be adapted to even the strictest dietary constraints; cooking courses.


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