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VIP Services

Established in St Martin and St Barth since 2007, Easyway specializes in VIP services and personalized assistance for passengers arriving at Princess Juliana Airport in Sint Maarten (SXM).

Assistance VIP / Meet and Greet

Available 24/7, Easyway’s staff greets you as soon as you land in St Maarten and take care of every aspect of your transfer to St Barth or other neighboring islands. You will totally avoid immigration if your are connecting by air to St Barth and your baggage is forwarded directly to your villa or hotel.

Upon your arrival in St Barth, our agents can take care of your requests to help make your stay as simple and special as possible. We offer a wide range of personalized services, from car rentals to babysitters by way of event planning or shopping and deliveries.

For additional information please consult our concierge page.



Yacht Services

Easyway also takes care of varied requests from guests aboard yachts, from concierge services to provisioning, taxis, and help with administrative paperwork at the Port of Gustavia.

Easyway Voyages

Easyway SBH also works closely with travel agencies to take care of tickets to meet your travel plans (reservations for boats and planes, for both scheduled flights or charters to your preferred destination).

We are available to offer advice and help you get the best possible services, while at the same time ensuring the fulfillment of your every need.

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