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World Fusion Cuisine
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Route de Saline
97133 St Barthélémy

Julie and Paco, the new owners of the Tamarin restaurant, and their professional staff have revived this unique universe. With a hand in the design department from architect Johannes Zingerle, decorator Karine Bruneel, landscapers Denys Ridrimont and Kevin Ouvre, the couple has embellished the beautiful garden spread out around a legendary tamarind tree, creating a tropical oasis that exudes peaceful serenity, perfect for relaxing. Open all day, for lunch, dinner, and snacks in the afternoon, the restaurant possesses a warm “casual chic” ambiance that invites you to return time and again.

Key points

A unique setting in St Barth, simple and delicious international cuisine, Sunday brunch.




  • Open from 11am-midnight, non-stop
  • Closed Sunday evening

Annual closing

Closed in September and October


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Reservations recommended

24 hours in advance!

Booking will be confirmed by the restaurant via email

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