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Dõ Brazil evokes the pure Spirit Of Saint Barth, with its relaxed ambiance, feet in the sand on Shell Beach, just a few steps away from the shops of Gustavia. The cuisine invites you on a culinary voyage bursting with exotic flavors. A great place to spend the better part of the day, and as evening falls the sunset emblazons the sky and the beach, while outlining the shapes of neighboring islands on the horizon. In the background, the melodic rhythm of the waves or the sounds of live acoustic music. To enjoy without moderation!


Credit photos : © Mickael Gramm

Key Points

Beachfront restaurant with superb ambiance, frequent live concerts, and an extraordinary view. Valet parking, beach service (chaise lounges, parasols).


Open daily

  • May 1 - mid-July, open for lunch from noon to 5pm
  • Mid-July to mid-August open from noon to 10pm

Annual Closing

August 28 to mid-October 2016

Reservations by phone only

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Customer reviews and opinions (2)

A friendly waitstaff greeted us on a quiet Monday evening in August. With the best table in the house and beautiful beach views, we enjoyed a lovely dinner, with great desserts and rum! Their house cat, Caramel, was so cute and kept us entertained all evening. Love this little hideaway.


We bought a CD when we ate luch at Do Brazil in February. We love the St. Barts music but would like to know the names of the artists on the CD. Can you give me the names? Thank you


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