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Jet ski rental in St Barts

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Jet Ski Tour
Hoverboard, Jet ski rental , Flyboard
Grand Cul de Sac
Key points :
High quality Jet Ski an Flyboard equipment. Jean-Christophe Prayas award-winning athlete, world offshore vice-champion 2007 and 2010. And Stéphane Prayas, his brother, world champion 2012 Flyboard.
Cell : +590 690 59 66 06
Immediate direct access.
No fees.
Jet Ski Racing
Boat rentals, Jet ski rental , Flyboard, Hoverboard
Key points :
Latest model equipment; professional guide; wide choice of nautical activities; free photographs taken during your excursion.
Tel : +590 590 27 70 34
Immediate direct access.
No fees.