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Plage de Colombier

Plage de Colombier

The beach of Colombier is one of the zones protected by the marine park of St Barthélemy, where the mooring of all boats is regulated. The beach is accessible by foot via two different paths, one starting from Colombier, the other from Flamands, from where the hike is pleasant and accessible. Either path is a great way to discover the natural beauty of the island and one of the most beautiful beaches of St Barthélemy. The protection of the bay and a ban on fishing allows for superb snorkeling with the assurance of seeing a multitude of reef fish, sea turtles, and starfish.




Key points

Superb and legendary beach. It was in this enchanting setting that David Rockefeller built his villa


Large beach perfect for swimming


Photo Credits © Keno Gauvrit-Beblo

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